We are so excited to tell you about our new local not for profit organization, and an opportunity for you to give back to our local community! We hope that you will partner with us to help build scholarship opportunities for students right here, at home, in Franklin Township!
The Warrior for Life Scholarship Foundation was born in 2017 from a network of Franklin Township residents, Franklin High School Alumni, families, and friends with a simple mission; generate scholarships for students in the Franklin Township community that exhibit excellence in the areas of academics, athletics, arts, community service, social consciousness and philanthropy. All the WFLSF board members, committee members, and volunteers share four things in common:
  1. We are Warriors for Life; once a Warrior always a Warrior!
  2. We are committed and accountable to our community!
  3. Franklin is home, and we feel responsible for taking care of our home!
  4. Someone along the way helped us, which charges us with paying that help forward!